In your arms as the dawn is breaking,

But, there's a voice inside my head saying "you'll never reach it".
every step i'm taking, every move i make, feels lost with no direction, my faith is shaking...

it was like many things there that i havent done! i couldn't find out but i was awakened by feeling of fear. couldn't sleep well all the time even if im crawling into bed when sleepy... recalling of what have i done in this holiday, okay i know holiday has called my idleness out, nooo :(
but holiday has come to the end at a glance, OHMYGOSH there are just 3 days lefttttt :(

sometimes we asked people for telling us true but in fact. we get hurted most of the time...don't we? but those hurted-words might also made us a change? hrmm. sometimes, flying by the seat of our pants doesn't work.. :( because they tell you to be yourself, then they judge you, grrr.

somehow, i get downcast rashly...thinking of everything that i have been through. those what had left, i couldn't take back, it's not mine anymore... HELLYEAIKNOW, but i just ;/ too selfish yea? we should never look back, just go on, the journey. reminding myself not to regret for those leave things no matter memories or people. perhaps we have to learn to give up something, if we want anything (:

when can I plod in the shopping mall and relaxing?
when can I rapt for reading without any interference?
when can I?
when can I ride the crest of a wave...

I have a wish.